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MJ Nails And Lashes | Nail salon 89052 | Henderson NV


MJ Nails And Lashes | Nail salon 89052 | Henderson NV

MJ Nails And Lashes - Nail salon 89052 - Henderson NV 89052: This nail art idea is a must try for those who are short on time and want to look great. The design is easy to carry out and is great for any party- be it formal or fun.

What are the benefits of using a sugar scrub?

If you’re curious about using sugar scrubs in your skin care routine, the following benefits are worth taking note of.

  • Sugar scrub benefit #1: Remove buildup. Like we mentioned, a sugar scrub is a scrub that’s used for mechanical exfoliation. This type of exfoliation removes the top layer of skin cells, per the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), as well as impurities, dirt, and excess oils.
  • Sugar scrub benefit #2: Brighten skin. Not only does exfoliating with a sugar scrub remove buildup from your skin, but it also helps to create a more radiant complexion, as the AAD states the removal of dead cells leaves the skin looking brighter.
  • Sugar scrub benefit #3: Gentle exfoliation. It’s no secret that certain exfoliation options can be harsh on your skin. Sugar scrubs are a gentler exfoliation option, as the sugar granules melt onto your skin for exfoliation that’s kind to your complexion. Love that!
  • Editor’s note: Tempted to make a DIY sugar scrub? We’d advise against it! Purchasing a sugar scrub that’s been carefully formulated and tested is the best way to guarantee you don’t irritate your skin and instead reap the benefits of using a sugar scrub.
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